About Us

HR Innovations is boutique human resources, coaching, talent management and recruitment consultancy that work with your organisation to maximise the performance and productivity of your greatest asset – your people. We are committed to creating value within organisations through the development of robust HR Frameworks and the effective management of people and organisations.

We empower your business by providing a full range of human resource solutions including strategic, operational, compliance and training functions. Whether you are having trouble attracting, recruiting, retaining and motivating staff, navigating the minefield of compliance (IR and WHS), or looking to develop benchmark best practises around your human capital, HR Innovations will partner with your organisation to provide practical and sustainable strategies.

We work alongside, complement and develop an organisation’s existing HR operations, helping to fill in their HR gaps and providing additional expertise. Alternatively, we can act as your entire HR division, working either on-site or offsite to perform all of your required HR functions. Our clients are organisations of all sizes, operating in many locations and from all industries.

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