We believe that talent, linked to an effective strategy, is the defining competitive element for any business. We are uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of our extensive human capital consulting expertise coupled with our extensive recruitment experience to ensure that our clients are equipped with the processes and strategies to recruit high calibre employees and successfully retain, motivate, develop and manage their people.

Some of the key areas that differentiate HR Innovations are:

  • A long term integrated approach for our clients assisting them in developing cost effective people management strategies;
  • We have a vested interest in the long term success of each placement due to our success based fee structure, guarantee and post placement review program;
  • Our extensive selection process utilising performance based hiring methodologies ensure that we accurately specify the role requirements and expectations, effectively mapping the first year assisting both the hiring manager and the candidate’s career plan;
  • Due to the boutique nature of the business, we are nimble and are able to tailor specific client needs to suit each unique situation.

To find out more about our unrivalled recruitment process and the significant differences to traditional methods contact us.


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